Scripting Pokémon Uranium

Today I tried out Pokémon Uranium, an unofficial Pokémon fan game.

Nintendo wasn’t thrilled when it came out, and tried to shut it down. Anyways.

I wanted to play it with my Xbox 360 controller, and eventually found out the best/easiest way to do so was to use Xpadder.

Unfortunately, xpadder now costs money. I think for roughly $11 AUD it was worth it, saving me from having to figure out a solution for myself.

I ended up discovering a trainer in the Kevlar Town Pokemon Centre who always wants to battle you… and promptly used that trainer over and over to level up my team and make it a bit more balanced.

Eventually I figured out I could change a few settings to reduce battling this trainer to mashing the “C” key repeatedly. If I could find a way to automatically press “C” repeatedly, I could therefore essentially automate these battles…

I haven’t touched AutoIt or AutoHotKey before (though I have used SCAR Divi for similar purposes) but within about 30 minutes I had a solution, thanks to some example scripts.

My setup quickly evolved to the point where I can stop and start the script with the left bumper and trigger, allowing me to turn it on and go do something else for a while, then come back to a bunch of exp and money.

Hopefully this is intended behaviour and they don’t patch out that pokemon trainer. For what it’s worth, I did this on v1.2.4, in case they do. The usefulness of the exploit is limited given the low amount of money and experience you gain, but it’s quite easy to leave it running in the background while you do other stuff.