Hacking My Life: Day 6 - Habits

I haven’t been posting here for a while.

As it turns out, habits are hard to keep. I thought about how to deal with the awkward numbering of this series, and I decided to simply increment the day only when I write a post.

However, I would like to be writing a post every single day. I think writing in this blog is probably a really good habit to have.

In general, good habits… are good to have. So this is my confession.

I have sucked at the habits I wanted to set for myself during this challenge. I figure that’s part of trying - failure is something that can and will happen.

I think this is a combination of multiple factors - I have been prioritizing my own workflow and such over the habits side of things, and that mostly doesn’t consciously affect me. The one thing that really affects me is sleep and food - which I’ve actually been fairly good on.

The latest I’ve arrived to work since starting the challenge was 11:45am - honest! - which still sucks, but is perfectly tolerable within our environment. I do not consider it acceptable, however, so I will keep working on fixing that - and I think simply forcing myself to sleep at better times and forcing myself to wake up instead of going back to sleep will fix it. I have a bad habit of waking early in the morning and going back to sleep for 2-3 hours instead of just getting up, and I think that’s probably going to be a really good thing to fix.

Anyways, on to happier and more positive news, as well as a few new personal rules.

Tonight was the first night I stayed late at work since I began HML, and I managed to leave work at exactly 10pm (which is my Do Not Exceed time). I can’t take all the credit - my dad wanted to see me and so I had a reason to leave, as much as I wanted to stay and work on stuff.

Part of the problem with remote work is that I really, really badly want to remote in and finish the work that I was doing. Even now I can feel the temptation absolutely burning - maybe it’ll only take 10 minutes to finish! - and I have to tell myself that no, building Python 3.4 from source as well as numerous other dependencies and so on and wrapping it all up in a nice layer of Ansible will most DEFINITELY take longer than 10 minutes. Fortunately I’m showing a lot more restraint than I did in the past.

I’m also trying to figure out how to help my team be more productive, which is sort of cheating, but there are some things at work that are affecting my productivity that can only really be solved with their help.

Currently on my productivity to-do list:

  • Find a windowing desktop environment that I like and that works
  • Get Arch Linux properly installed at home
  • Get better at habits
  • Implement a proper nested/dependency-supporting task tracking system at work (We’re currently using a wiki with flat tasks, which does not work excellently but works well for what it is).
  • Never go to bed after midnight (I’m mostly already doing this - ironically it’s 12:07am right now, but I had to clean some stuff up and I’m going to bed right after this).
  • Always, always, always eat food.

Yes, those last two are habits, but those are the habits I feel are worth sharing at the moment.

Finally, I’m thinking of a new rule - always have a bath after maxing a day at work (IE: coming home at 10pm). Ideally I would do literally nothing but come home, run a bath and go straight to bed - relaxation time is crucial, and the bath is a great way to wind down.

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