Life on Soylent: Part 2

So there’s something about Soylent that sucks.

No, the taste is okay, it fills you up just fine and near enough as I can tell, I won’t grow a third arm from drinking/eating it.

What sucks is preparing single meals.

When you first order Soylent, you are supplied with everything you need to make either a full day of Soylent or a customizable amount.

This is great, and honestly the problems I’m about to describe aren’t that easy to solve. I’m not going to be surprised if they are never solved, in fact. I don’t blame Soylent for this one bit.

Basically, preparing meals one by one (or less or more) with the scoop is a horribly messy process and takes a lot of precision. This is sort of inherent to the fact that it’s powder-based food and is pretty forgivable next to all the other good stuff Soylent does for me.

The other issue with it (though this one is definitely my fault!) is that if you don’t have precise measuring teaspoons for the oil you will end up with a pretty weird mixture sometimes. I didn’t use enough oil when I prepared a meal yesterday, so I ended up with a weird taste. Then, today, I decided to use slightly more to compensate for the nutrition I didn’t get yesterday… and ended up with something much oilier than intended.

I think I’ll stick to preparing full days from now on. It’s just easier.

Unfortunately I’ve wasted a full day’s worth as I left the big 2L container at work in the fridge.

Finally, I seem to be having issues with the sucralose in Soylent. I’m hoping eventually I’ll have the option to order it without it.