Hacking My Life: Day 1

I did something today which may or may not throw me off my schedule - I kept falling back asleep. I was tired, but that’s not why I did it. I had two fascinating dreams and I needed to see how they ended. I’d write them here but they were both a little bizarre.

So instead of waking up before 9:00am on a “weekend” (or holiday, as it were), I woke up at around 12:30pm. Not a great start, I suppose.

What was amusing once I was awake, however, was Google Now. I have it activated and it’s been following my movements and patterns ever since it was publicly available, so it has a lot of data on me. It helpfully popped up a few minutes ago and effectively said “Hey! You! If you don’t leave for work, you’re going to be late!” (Time to Work: 46 mins).

I don’t blame it for being confused at the sharp and sudden change in schedule. I would start work around 1:30-2:00pm and I’d stay until I was too tired to stay any longer or there was nothing I could think to do. I’d love to say I averaged 8 hours a day but there was probably a week or two where I definitely didn’t. Making these changes is pretty important to keep things fair to my coworkers. So how did things slide so far?

Well, a long time ago I was working from between 9am to 12pm and until 9pm to 12pm. Almost every single day was 10-14 hours long and I became obsessed with my work. When I got home I’d work more, or play video games. There was literally zero work-life balance and it sent my life into a pretty crappy place for a while. As a result, I had a LOT of comp-time built up.

Eventually the sleep deprivation and stress got to me in a big way. After taking a break from work to recover, I came back determined I wouldn’t let the balance go out of whack again - and for the most part I was successful. Unfortunately I am a tinkerer by nature, so I’d often spend late nights playing with stuff at home.

Anyways, the point is I was able to live a somewhat crazy schedule because I could easily make the argument that the comp-time covered it. Had I been using that time solely to take days off work and take time off at the end of the day, it likely wouldn’t have inconvenienced anyone.

By this point I’ve burned through all of that time, so returning to sane hours is pretty damn necessary.

The sad truth of it is that I ended up at work around six hours earlier than usual yesterday.

So that leads to the question - how did I do today?

Pretty good, I think. It’s been a pretty chill day, but I had a lot of fun and relaxed. I’m about to get started on a few things - writing and publishing the end of a post, creating a new post, hopefully doing some programming and spending some time with family. It took a little bit of gentle reminding from my stomach and brain, but I did eat all three meals. The only thing I’ve really screwed up today is not waking up on time.

I’m hoping to start playing with haproxy 1.5 tonight - I need to eventually make this blog highly available, and given how well I get along with haproxy it shouldn’t eat my entire night.

I may also post an update about learning to program later tonight.

Merry almost-Christmas, and Happy Holidays.

~ b

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