Raptors With Hats

Adventures through the Looking Glass.

Personal Goals

These are things I’d like to accomplish.

  • cat.io - an alternative BitTorrent protocol for mass distribution of files among fast peers. Inspired by Twitter’s “Murder” project.
  • Riff.CC - a Creative Commons content portal.
  • LizardFS - patch it to use the Galera library for multimaster replication, reads and writes.
  • GetGlass.io - release the first official release.
  • TechKhana
  • Switchblade - a gigantic hack built on BitTorrent and Boot to VHD designed to allow for all kinds of cool tricks with Windows machines.
  • TorrentZilla - a fork of CloneZilla that builds in BitTorrent capabilities.
  • Popcorn Time2P - Popcorn Time patched to have a decently secure I2Pish network. Pun definitely intended.