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The Interview, Part Deux: Revised Thoughts

Just a quick post this time. I rewatched The Interview tonight, this time with my parents. It was a little awkward at times (as you’d expect) and it made me realize a few things as I got about ¾ of the way through…

  • I don’t think it’s a finished film. I honestly think it’s about 30 days of editing from being complete.
  • I had this opinion on the first viewing, but since it’s not on the blog yet: I think the movie actually does a great job of subverting its own sexism, racism, homophobia and misogyny. In all cases said issues are either outright shamed and shunned, and usually characters are made to look like fools as a direct result. I’m probably going to write a longer post about that later, since I find it pretty interesting.
  • SPOILER (click Read more if you’ve already seen the movie)
  • The ambassador (Sook) is absolutely the main character of the movie. While she gets very little screentime, she’s actually by far the most important and this is actually one of the reasons I don’t think this movie is actually misogynistic. She’s a powerful, smart character who manipulates the protagonists (although, to be fair, as Rogen’s character says: “for a fucking great cause”) into carrying out her plans, and she appears to successfully stage a coup. Additionally, she even manages to save Aaron’s fingers (I’m assuming, since there’s a serious continuity issue and Aaron’s fingers magically reappear on his hand at the end of the movie he has his fingers at the end, and she saw him lose them. It would make sense for her to throw them on ice and save them for later reattachment).
  • I knew this before even watching the movie, and posted about it here before, but: this is absolutely going to become an essential symbol of patriotism.
  • This could actually end up being extremely politically important for a single reason (credit: my dad) - if this movie becomes popular in China, it will likely completely erode any popular support for China continuing to support North Korea, which would probably allow the US to take whatever action they want to against NK.

Anyways, goodnight, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!